How to Wash a Pillow

And How to Wash a Pluto Pillow!


When’s the last time you washed your pillow? Well, we hope you’re washing it several times a year. If you aren't, you’re leaving huge amounts of oils and dead cells resting on your pillows. So huge in fact that a third of your pillow could be made up of your face stuff. In hospital settings, a pillow is an ideal breeding ground for lots of illnesses. We’re talking influenza, chicken pox and leprosy.


But don’t worry—your bedroom isn’t a hospital, and you don’t have thousands of people with various medical conditions resting on your pillow throughout the year. So don’t worry about your pillow being ground zero for a superbug, but do worry about the amount of gunk you’re putting on it every time you rest on it. The National Sleep Foundation says unwashed sheets can result in breakouts on skin, allergy symptoms and even fungal infections. While they’re talking about sheets, the same risks apply with your pillow as well.


So, the question: How to wash my pillow?


We’ll show you how, and how to wash a Pluto pillow!


How to Wash a Pillow

Generally, most pillows are machine washable. The exception here is for memory foam or latex, which will be a very important point for how to wash a Pluto pillow!


For down or feather pillows, place the pillow in the wash with the water set to warm and the cycle set to delicate. Add a small amount of powder detergent. If liquid’s all you got, that’s okay, but put in a small amount (a tablespoon or two) so it doesn’t leave any residue on your pillow.


For memory foam or latex, we’ll go over it further below when we talk about how to wash your Pluto pillow.


For polyester, wash on warm on a delicate cycle. You’ll want to add a pillow like this with other items in the wash for a balanced load.


For buckwheat, take the buckwheat filling out. Set it out on the sun then wash the pillow casing along with your other items for a balanced load.


Then make sure to dry thoroughly or you’re inviting the chance for mildew on your pillow. For down/feather and polyester pillows, and buckwheat casing (and not the buckwheat filling itself!) put them in a low- or no-heat dryer setting. After, you can lay them out to dry on a clothesline if needed.


For washing and drying instructions for memory/latex, components that also make up Pluto pillows, read on!


How to Wash a Pluto Pillow!

A Pluto pillow is easy to care for. We recommend washing your pillows every 2-3 months. Wash your Pluto custom pillow in these easy steps:


      1. Remove the cover from the foam (don't wash the foam!) and throw it in the wash. Please wash and dry separately from other items to prevent damage to the cover.



          2. Machine wash cold on a delicate cycle and use only non-chlorine bleach when needed. When that's done, tumble dry in low heat.



              Leave out to air dry if needed. And then...
              Custom pillows from Pluto
              Voilà! A fresh and fluffy pillow!

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