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Just The Beginning.

Our Story

How would we build a pillow brand from scratch?

Well, it should start with you. That’s why we’re the first and only custom sleep pillow brand — customized to your body stats, how you sleep, and what you like. We leverage data to craft the right pillow for you through our patent pending process. Take the guesswork out of pillow shopping and maximize your sleep.

Start Simple

We think pillows should be breathable, temperature-regulating, and bounce back. In a fast-paced world filled with great technologies, we also believe electronics shouldn’t have a place near our heads when we sleep. We just want a great pillow that uses innovative materials and better yet, they should be customized to us for optimized support and comfort — all at a great price point.

How We Got Here

So we set out to create one. Our pillows were developed from hundreds of stories about the way you sleep, and we laser-focused on why you liked and didn’t like the pillows you’ve experienced. Then, we tried them all — shredded foam pillows, bamboo pillows, latex pillows, down pillows, traditional memory foam pillows, and adjustable pillows. After prototyping and testing alongside partners with years of material research while tapping into the training and education of sleep researchers, we learned what goes into making a thoughtful pillow — not a “smart” pillow.

The Missing Piece Is You

The right foams seem to provide great support, but we can’t shake the love and familiarity of a plush, fluffy, cloud-like surface. That’s why our pillows are a hybrid design constructed with a foam inner core and an outer plush pillow, both unique to your individual profile. Foam provides our pillows with a supportive core, and we’ll match you with the right one (learn more about our foams here). This is encased within an outer pillow that adds a soft fluff — featuring fibers that allow us to play with thickness, length, and quantity for the type of cushioning effect you like. The last piece of the puzzle is you: we personalize the best materials to your questionnaire results.

Our product designs aren't set in stone.

We're always listening to what you have to say and tweaking our products to improve your experience.

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