Due to high demand, some custom pillows may be delayed 🙂 Current delay for custom original 24"x16" pillows: up to 4 weeks Current delay for custom king 34"x16" pillows: up to 4 weeks The Pluto PUFF has landed—the galaxy's comfiest body pillow ☁️ The Pluto PUFF delivers within 7 business days 🚀 Get $10 off your custom Pluto Pillow when you buy PUFF!

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best pillow i've ever owned

as title says -- couldn't justify the price at first... but i understand why once I received it; no regrets.

Unique and delightful

A wonderful blend of support and plush comfort, the pluto pillow is fantastic, as is their super helpful and friendly customer service. I will happily get another :)

Courtney R.
The best!

I’ve tried SO many pillows and would still wake up with neck pain. Pain has gone away since trying the Pluto Pillow.

Lori D.
Best pillow ever!

After trying literally 4 different pillows over the last 5 years, I've finally found the perfect pillow! I'm a back and side sleeper and Pluto made the perfect pillow for me to sleep both ways!


The pillow is great, I don’t have any more back pain. But the real star of this company is the customer service. They are quick to respond, super helpful, and incredibly nice. Shout out to awesome Henry! The pillow that I ordered initially was a bit too thick for me, so they immediately sent out a thinner core, after I reached out about the problem. This pillow is my second pillow from Pluto. My first one lasted over 4 years. I’ll continue getting my pillows from Pluto for years to come.

The best pillow

Best pillow I’ve ever laid my head on! The Pluto kept its form and firmness since I purchased it. It supports my neck and shoulders. The customer service is amazing! I contacted Pluto pillow about a height choice mistake I made, and they immediately responded. I was so happy about how quick they wanted to remedy my issue. We had to tweak the height of the pillow from the initial few nights I slept on it. I got so used to past pillow purchases sinking and losing its form after several uses. But so far. The Pluto pillow so far is holding up to its claim. Real happy with this product. Cost little bit more than others, but worth the money for a good nights sleep.

Joanne L.
Best Pillow

I love my Pluto pillow, I sleep great and wake up refreshed

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