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Customer Reviews

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Megan C.
Best sleep in years

I need highly specific pillows for my neck. Usually end up spending twice as much for a pillow that’s significantly less comfortable than this one. I highly recommend them for anyone who has been through a million pillows and still can’t find one that works. You’ll never go anywhere else once you try this pillow.

Love it!

I ordered my pillow 4 months ago. Initially it was too full (i could tell the first night) i emailed in and was sent a different size inner core right away. Excellent customer service. I have enjoyed the fit and feel of this pillow. Works great with my cpap. Not too fluffy. Will definatley buy again.

Linda K.
Pluto pilloe

My neck and shoulders didn't wake me up aching...what an awesome joy!!

Arliss D.
Best pillow ever

I can’t believe how good I sleep now. I had given up ever getting 6 hours sleep a night. No more fluffing my old smashed pillow 5-8 time a night. This is the best pillow ever.

Rebecca Z.
Life Changer

Since getting my Pluto pillow my chronic neck pain has stopped. If you need a pillow try Pluto. Wish I had done it sooner.

Robert S.
The Best Pillow Ever

I will never own any other Pillow as long as Pluto Pillow is in Business. I sleep Great Every Night.

tried 1 million different pillows. pillows I cannot believe it

I have tried every single pillow, known to man, from Tempur-Pedic, two purple pillow, two you name the pillow I have tried it, I suffer from migraines like crazy, i’ve only use this pillow for one night, and I am so excited with how I slept last night, I had to get on here and write a review, and I don’t write reviews unless it’s on Amazon, so the fact that I searched how to write a review for this pillow is crazy, I am thinking about ordering a pallet for both my parents. Thank you so very much. Pluto shark tank was crazy for not sponsoring you, it’s an amazing pillow. I don’t even know what you did to make his pillow. Feel so great. if you are at Customer, thinking about getting a pillow like this, stop thinking about it, and just do it, you are not going to regret it, I am extremely thankful.

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