Due to high demand, some custom pillows may be delayed 🙂 Current delay for custom original 24"x16" pillows: up to 4 weeks Current delay for custom king 34"x16" pillows: up to 4 weeks The Pluto PUFF has landed—the galaxy's comfiest body pillow ☁️ The Pluto PUFF delivers within 7 business days 🚀 Get $10 off your custom Pluto Pillow when you buy PUFF!

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I’ve been pillow shopping for years! Finally found Pluto and I’m so happy. As a belly and side sleeper this pillow meets my needs almost perfectly. On my side it’s perfect, on my belly it’s a smidge high but doable without hurting my neck. I’m keeping this pillow and will be buying another when/if this one wears out.

Haley W.
Finally a pillow I love!

I am so happy with my pillow I honestly went through about 15 pillows before I found this one. I am so happy to have a pillow that I will use forever!

Fantastic pillow -- had to get a second one!

This is our second purchase of the same pillow -- we bought the first one in Fall 2021 and then recently realized that our other non-Pluto pillows had really become sad and lifeless. And because our first Pluto was so fantastic and still in great shape, we reordered the same pillow as before. The process for reordering was super simple; I thought we'd have to redo the quiz, but they were able to go based on the previous order and make the same one again. It came super fast, and we've loved having the second one. Just as good as the first, and now no one has to use worse pillows! :)

It's amazing 😍

This is by far the best pillow I have ever had. I have gone through so many pillows in the last few years trying to find the one and I finally did!

Great pillow !

Hi, we ordered two pillows . I love mine made an adjustment on Andrew’s. It’s a perfect pillow. Thank you ! We are letting friends and family know about you.

Great pillow!

From the minute I put my head on it I knew it would be great. Firm support, stays fluffed. Good head and neck support.

Victor W.
Best Pillow Ever

Pluto must be my 25th pillow in 25 Years, but it will likely be the last pillow I will ever need to buy.
Comfortable, cool, no neck pain. Score 100%. What’s incredible is they got it right on my answers to a few questions.
Thank you Pluto

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