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The Complete Travel Pillow

Sleep like you’re in first-class in all your travels with the POD. 110 night risk-free trial.

Arrive at your destination well-rested and energized with the most complete travel pillow in the world. A fully adjustable, ultra-supportive neck pillow, and a built-in hood and eye mask ensures great sleep on the go. Comes with a 125-night risk-free trial.

The Complete Travel Pillow

Sleep like you’re in first-class in all your travels with the POD. 110 night risk-free trial.

Arrive at your destination well-rested and energized with the most complete travel pillow in the world. A fully adjustable, ultra-supportive neck pillow, and a built-in hood and eye mask ensures great sleep on the go. Comes with a 125-night risk-free trial.
Adjustable & super comfy. Core design based on real neckbraces for max support
Easy to store, super portable, and hygienic design. Washer safe!
The highest sensory deprivation you can get out of a travel pillow
Multiple ways to use comfortably in various positions
110 Night Risk-Free Trial

How we got here

After conducting a National Sleep Survey of over 2000 U.S. adults we found that 65% of people have difficulty sleeping while traveling by car, train or plane and more than 50% of respondents agreed that their ability to enjoy an adventure was compromised by jet lag and travel fatigue. We knew that after dedicating years on improving the pillow in the bedroom, it was time for us to try our hand at the pillow you take with you on trips – a.k.a. the travel pillow! We were tired of seeing the same horseshoe, U-shaped designs or tacky ones that made you look ridiculous. So, we got to work with one of the best design firms in the world, IDEO and listened to sleep researchers, flight attendants, and traveleres to build the ultimate travel pillow. We hope you relax just as much on your journey as you do your destination!

We have answers to your questions.

  • 1. What are the dimensions?

    We've got two different ones for you!
    Open: 31” X 15”
    Closed: 12” X 6” X 4”

  • 2. How do I use this?

    There are multiple ways to use this patent pending design:

    1. You can use it as a normal neck pillow with the hood down 2. Pull the hood over for more privacy and pillowy support on the sides of your head 3. Pull the eye mask on for extra privacy and darkness to create your own little sleep capsule 4. Folded up to use as a pillow or back cushion

  • 3. How do I care for my new POD?

    The POD is meant to be used and is easy to care for. Everything touching outer surfaces is machine washer friendly. To wash the POD: Carefully unzip the neck support cushion and remove the foam (the foam will disintegrate in the wash!). Machine wash cold on a delicate cycle without other articles to prevent damage. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. When that's done, air dry flat and place the support foam back inside the cover.

  • 4. What’s your return policy?

    We’re proud to offer the same great 110-night risk-free trial for the Pluto POD. Take POD with you on your next adventure, and you can return it for a full refund if it’s not out of this world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Love my Pluto Pod

Purchased a Pluto Pod after having a not so amazing time with another travel pillow on an 8 hour flight 🥴. I love the chin/neck support, the padded hood, & the eye mask! I appreciate how your nose can still be exposed so I can wear a mask and, or just to get some fresh air while being in my little bubble! I also love the portability and how I can clip it to my luggage or bag.

I would however love to see a few changes if possible:
1) The Velcro. Some ideas - Perhaps a softer Velcro without a scratchy side or if the Velcro needed to stay, having the scratchy side on top so there’s no extra scratchy part exposed for anything to get caught on. Orrrr if possible, someone mentioned magnets if strong enough. For now, I’m considering cutting old Velcro to cover what’s exposed as an idea for anyone else trialing what works best 🫶🏽
2) Stronger buttons to ensure it doesn’t pop open when placed on luggage
3) My s/o said he’d love to see one with a cooling material interior for those who may get warm/hot - for me personally, I don’t find the material to get too warm. It’s perfect! He just runs warmer.

I love to be comfortable and this is it! I plan to use this even for car rides ❤️ Thanks team for making a great product! I’d love to be a tester for any changes if possible because I love the Pod so so much!

Hi Sabrina - thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful, in-depth review. It means a lot to us that not only did you take a chance on the POD for your trip, but that you also took the time to share your feedback with us. We appreciate it very much and look forward to discussing your review with our team here as soon as we can. Would love to keep you posted along on our journey as we're always refining all of our products. Please feel free to reach out if you need anything else, but nonetheless we'll be in touch! -Pluto Team

Amy S.
Pluto Pod Pillow

I went to Japan and back recently and was only able to watch 3 movies on the way there and 2 movies on the way back because I slept the rest of the time! Extremely expensive pillow, but I think it's definitely worth it if you are worried about not being able to sleep on a plane!

Call me an astronaut

This is a fun, solid travel pillow that has now accompanied me on three trips. Customer support has been top notch in answering my questions and making sure it arrived in time for my first one. I also love the NASA edition since I work in the space industry.

Loved the overall quality of the product and will keep it, but it can be better

Loved the quality of fabric and that it's a bit solid to stay in shape when the hood part is put on. Took a good 4hr sleep on my east to west flight that really helped with jet lag and felt quite refreshed after the flight. One issue is that the edge of the velcro patch scratched my lower chin so I had to put something to cover it up. This part could be better for a travel pillow that costs $145

Hi Jules - thank you very much for being one of the first to try the Pluto POD and for taking us along your journey. We really appreciate the feedback and will continue to refine our products (would love to keep you posted!). Let us know if there's anything we can do for you. Thanks again for your support of our brand! -Pluto Team

Frances T.
Slept on a plane for the first time!

This alien-pod-hood did the trick! I slept for 6 hours in a basic coach seat, and I have never really slept on a plane before! I’m a fan! Not too hot, or constricting or anything. On the way home I only needed a short nap, and found that noise-cancelling headphones fit under the hood fine. Altogether a win. Worth the $$

Aimee B.

Tiktok made me buy it! Came back from my fifth flight this month and this pillow has been a lifesaver. I have both the black and the grey, the grey sort of leans a bit blue gray. In case you were wondering, because I was, I can fit my headphones and sunglasses underneath.

Jamyi W.
No better than others

I was very displeased by the “sky grey” color which is on the green spectrum but tried this on very long flights. It was no better or worse than other neck pillows

Hi Jamyi - thank you very much for your feedback, especially regarding the color. We definitely try to share images on our website that reflect our product colors as accurately as possible, but have previously personally seen that images can also vary in color from screen-to-screen – something we understand can definitely cause some confusion. This can at times be out of our control and we truly apologize for this. If you haven't already, please get in touch at sleepy@plutopillow.com and we'll do our best to solve this together. Thanks so much for giving us a go! -Pluto Team

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